Smart Speaker

The Voice Beat No. 10

This month, we're looking at changes in smart speaker user behavior, and continue to focus on the voice technology community's developments and efforts to combat COVID-19. We've also got some exciting announcements about opportunities to join our team.

Voice-First News Roundup 8.26.19

Voice-First Roundup for August 18-25. Loup Ventures publishes its Annual Digital Assistant IQ Test report; IKEA makes major bet on smart home technology; Google Assistant Assignables; State Farm skill checks in on aging relatives.

Voice-First News Roundup 8.12.19

Voice-First News Roundup: August 6-11. Alexa speech speed controls; Smart speaker market growth dominated by sub-$50 models; Donate school supplies via Alexa; How Alexa can help patients with dementia; Google makes podcasts easier to find