On Friday, January 25th Amazon released a series of teaser clips about a top secret beta testing program for new Alexa technologies. No information about the results of this program have been announced, except for a cryptic and tantalizing invitation to turn into the "big game" on 2/3/19.

One of the beta testers was Harrison Ford, who didn't seem too happy about what he was testing:

Few clues about the devices being tested were released, except that they were surprising:


And usable in outer space:

To find out a little more about the program, you can ask "Alexa, tell me about Amazon's beta testing program", but be warned, you won't learn much more.

Now, one big game taking place on 2/3/19 is, of course, the Super Bowl, and Amazon has had some awesome Alexa-themed Super Bowl commercials (featuring celebrities) in the past, including what may have been the most popular commercial from last year:

And this one for the original Echo is 2016:

Pulse Labs is a company specializing in usability testing for Alexa, and Amazon is a customer and strategic investor in our company. We can't say if we were involved in this beta testing program but, for the record, while we do have a large and diverse panel of usability testers, Harrison Ford is not generally available to provide feedback. After Indiana Jones 4, we lost confidence in the reliability of his judgement.