The Super Bowl is the number one television advertising event of the year, and many viewers are more interested in the awesome new ads they'll see than in the game itself! This excitement has led to the creation of some of the most famous, funny, and familiar ads of all time.

In a blog post last week, we teased this year's ad from Amazon - which happens to focus on Alexa beta testing, a subject very near and dear to our hearts here at Pulse Labs. Well, the entire ad is now available online, and it doesn't disappoint:

Regarding the other major player in the voice assistant space, while Alexa won the Super Bowl last year with its "Alexa loses her voice" spot, the Google Assistant won Christmas with it's funny, nostalgic homage to Home Alone:

Well, it looks like Google is hoping to get a little more magic out of that one for the Super Bowl! This time bringing back Joe Pesci, who played Harry in the classic Christmas movie:

These are all part of the great tradition of tech companies announcing and promoting their most important products at the big game, a tradition began 35 years ago by Apple in what may be the most famous Super Bowl commercial of all time:

Pulse Labs is looking forward to the big game tomorrow, and all the great new ads!

P.S. - Here's an interesting article on how the Amazon commercials can say "Alexa" without triggering responses from devices all across the world.