It’s Friday again, and not just any Friday, today is International Women’s Day!

March 2-8, 2019

International Women’s Day: Amazon and Google

3/6/19 Women in Voice Inspiration: Seven women tackling some of the most complex challenges in technology (dayone: The Amazon blog)

3/8/19 Google Doodle: International Women’s Day 2019, which features quotes of 13 inspirations women from across the globe was designed by a team of women

Amazon: Empathy through AI and Machine Learning, Tech and Healthcare Team Up

3/7/19 "Don’t think of this as a new device that is a smart speaker revolution—this really is having voice be the new HTML. It’s the interface for everything.” David Isbitski, Amazon’s Chief Evangelist for Alexa and Echo Devices shares his thoughts on the future of voice first technology.  (AdWeek)

3/4/19 Amazon is a leading example of the teaming of tech and healthcare industries in the effort to provide better healthcare experiences. Bloomberg reports that Amazon has invested in machine learning and #AI for #healthcare through a $2M grant to Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital.

3/3/2018 As sales of Echo devices increase, Amazon strives to develop an empathetic Alexa. Dave Limp, Amazon’s SVP for devices and services, discusses how Alexa makes people's lives easier and how these interactions will increasingly become  more conversational with the aid of AI and machine learning. (The New York Times)


3/7/19 In a 28 charts and over 30 pages of analysis in the 2019 U.S. Smart Speaker Consumer adoption report, Voicebot reports that smart speaker ownership rises 40% in 2018 to $66.4 M and Amazon Echo maintains market share lead.

3/6/19 Read our most recent blog post on The Pulse Labs Beat: Advertising A-Game for Google Assistant

3/5/19 You can now control your Roku through an Amazon Echo powered Roku skill. Download the skill. Once installed, you'll be able to control streaming devices and Roku TVs with voice commands like “Alexa, open Hulu on Roku.” (The Verge)

Fun Things to do with your Alexa: Ask Alexa: "Alexa, find Chuck Norris."

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