The Pulse Labs team is honored and excited to announce that Google has invested in Pulse Labs. They invested as part of our seed round, but we are just now able to talk about it as Google unveils their initiative to invest in technologies that support the Google Assistant ecosystem.

Pulse Labs’ mission is to help app developers create great voice experiences. Voice designers and developers, including those creating Actions on Google, can leverage Pulse Labs’ live testing and data analysis feedback loops to see how people respond to their apps. We are currently in private beta for Google Assistant testing and analysis. We have been able to very easily integrate into the Google developer ecosystem through their extensive API access and responsive support.

“Voice is a totally different medium for consumers and for developers. It is fundamentally changing how we interact with and access the information that shapes our lives. But you can’t just port a mobile app to a speech app. Pulse Labs provides a crucial piece of testing and analysis for app developers to help them learn how to create apps that work as humans expect them to. We are excited to invest in this team and their mission.” - Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Head of Google Assistant Investments.

Pulse Labs has been working closely with the product and engineering teams at Google to integrate the Pulse Labs platform into the Google developer ecosystem and we are excited to open the doors to all developers in the coming months. We would like to thank the Google Assistant team for their guidance, mentorship, and support. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them and the rest of the Google team.